1. Does EID provide water?
  2. No. All properties are fed by well.  Water flow varies greatly from property to property.  If possible, request a flow test that was conducted in late summer as many wells run dry during the summer months or early fall.


  1. Can I drill my well anywhere?
  2. No, there are county restrictions and minimum setback requirements for well drilling. Any tank over 3,000 gallons must be approved by the SRR ACC and may be required to be covered or out of sight.


  1. Does SRR have underground utilities?
  2. No. Power and electricity are brought in via pole and can not be buried except on your own property.  Please note that the roads are privately owned and can NOT be cut to bury utilities without prior written approval from the Association.  Owners should plan on bringing in power via an overhead pole as the Association has never approved the cutting of the road for utilities.


  1. Do I need approval to build a tree house, garden shed, etc?
  2. Yes. All structures including water tanks over 3,000 gallons, tool sheds etc require approval prior to the start of construction.


  1. How to I submit plans for approval?
  2. Two copies of the building plans including a plot plan and a materials list must be submitted to the ACC. Please see ACC Checklist & Cover letter.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to get a receipt for the plans and plans will be approved or disapproved within 30 days of the date on the signed receipt.  Please review the SRR governing documents for examples and additional requirements.


  1. Are there rules other than the CC&Rs?
  2. Yes. SRR does have additional rules such as bulletin board use, nuisances, fencing restrictions, assessment requirements, Member Not In Good Standing restrictions etc.  These Rules, the CC&R Variance Procedure, CC&R clarifications and the Enforcement Policy are contained within a separate document which is not recorded with the County and must be obtained from the Association.  A copy of this document is provided to the title company prior to escrow closure on all properties.


  1. Does the Association have Bylaws?
  2. Yes. For a copy of the bylaws please contact the Board of Directors (board@sunridgeranch.org).


  1. Can I build a “Granny Flat” and rent it out?
  2. Granny Flats are allowed, but can not be larger than 1/3 the size of the main home or 1,000 sq ft which ever is SMALLER. Flats may NOT be rented out.  A deed restriction stating that the flat will not be rented out is required to be recorded prior to plan approval and a $200.00 fine per day will be imposed on any lot found in violation.


  1. How often are the dues raised?
  2. The SRR dues are used to pave the roads. The Association has approximately 5.1 miles of road that must be maintained.  The dues have been raised approximately 10% for the last 8 years.


  1. Who is responsible for the keeping brush back from the road and ensuring drainage along the road?
  2. Drainage is critical to the longevity of the roads and the Owners are responsible for ensuring that no water is allowed to flow onto the roads or collect next to the roads. Additionally Owners must keep all brush cut back at least 3 feet from the road edge and at least 15 feet above the road.


  1. Is there an equestrian trail in SRR?
  2. No. There is not a horse trail within the community and currently there are no plans to develop a one.   Horse riders must gain permission to ride their horses on neighboring properties.


  1. Is there high speed internet service available?
  2. Yes, several companies provide wireless high speed internet.


  1. Is cable television available in SRR?
  2. No. Satellite and Off the Air are the only television signals available within the community.  Wireless high-speed is available for streaming audio/video.


  1. Is there a leash law in SRR?
  2. Animals are not allowed to roam unattended from their property and must be under the direct control of their owner when off their property.


  1. Can I clear my property or cut a driveway without SRR approval?
  2. It depends. Oak trees may not be cut without County approval regardless of size.  Additionally since the plot plan for any home requires approval, including the location of the home, Owner’s may waste a significant amount of money clearing a site that is then later not approved as a building site.


  1. Does the Association have a website?
  2. Yes. The website is at http://www.sunridgeranch.org.  The Board of Directors can receive email at board@sunridgeranch.org.


  1. Why can a daycare be run if there is a restriction from running a business within SRR?
  2. Daycare centers are protected by federal law and are exempt from the business restriction. No other business may be run from within SRR.


  1. What Fire Protection Does the Community Have?
  2. SRR is under the protection of the Latrobe Fire District. Currently the Association does NOT have water available for structural fire protection.  The community does have a fire pond, however the pond water can only be used for wild land fires, and not for structural fire fighting.


  1. When and Where are the Board of Director & HOA Meetings?
  2. The Board meeting schedule is determined each year. All Board meetings are open to the Members and are normally held in the Latrobe Fire Station on Ryan Ranch Road. The Annual HOA meeting is usually held in October and is also at the Ryan Ranch Road Fire Station.