Plan Submission Procedures and Project Approval.

**REMINDER: No ACC projects can begin until written approval is received from management.**  Thank you for your understanding.  

NEW IN 2019!  For increased time efficiency; Plans can and are encouraged to be sent via pdf format.   

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a. Above and beyond the ACC requirements, all county, state and federal codes must also be met. It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that all plans meet code.

b. The El Dorado County Building Dept has a required Deed Restriction Certificate which must be filed with any building permit application. The Deed Restriction Certificate is a declaration that the property owner understands and is in compliance with all rules, restrictions and CC&Rs related to the subject property.

c. Plans are not considered submitted until the submitting Owner receives receipt or some proof of submission.

d. Prior to approval for any secondary structure (“granny flat”), owners must complete the Supplemental Deed Restriction Declaration and have such recorded upon the property deed with the County of El Dorado.

e. Two sets of plans must be submitted to the association’s authorized agent. A fee for application processing, not to exceed $100.00 dollars, may be charged the owner based on the size and complexity of the submission.

f. Plans submitted must be detailed and complete. They must include at minimum, elevations showing all sides and indicating color and architectural detail, a plot plan showing the relative position of the item(s) on the property and indicate all required setbacks, a construction detail plan showing the types of construction materials to be used if not included on the elevation and a signed submission cover letter indicating the projected start date. See Diagrams 1 through 4 at the end of this document for examples.

g. One set of plans becomes the possession of the SRR HOA for permanent record.

h. The ACC shall approve/disapprove all submissions in accordance with the SRR Governing Documents. Please refer to the SRR Declaration and Bylaws for additional restrictions.

i. The Association shall approve or disapprove of the plans within 30 days of submissions; however, this does not mean that the homeowner will be notified within those 30 days. Homeowners should contact the association’s authorized agent if they do not receive notification in a timely manner after the 30 day period.

j. Owners shall include with all plan submissions a projected start date. Owners will be given 1 year to begin their approved project from the projected start date or approval date, whichever is later. After that time plans will be considered inactive, and no longer approved.

k. Owners will be given 2 years to complete their approved project from the projected start date or approval date, whichever is later. Owners that do not complete their projects within the allotted time frame, but have made significant progress on the project may request an extension on the previously approved plans or they may resubmit their plans for re-approval. If construction exceeds the allotted time frame, the Architectural Control Committee may request plan resubmission regardless of progress, if deemed necessary to approve an extension.

l. The Association shall have the right to disapprove any plans if the projected start date is unreasonable or too far in the future.
m. In addition to the rules contained herein, Owners are required to comply with all CC&Rs, several of which relate directly to the Architectural Control Committee and project/construction requirements.


Accessory Buildings and Structures.

a. Plans for all outbuildings and other structures, regardless of size must be submitted to the ACC/authorized agent and approved prior to the start of construction. This includes, but is not limited to, pools, solar panels, berms, pump houses, storage sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, patios, vehicle screens, and water storage tanks greater than 3,000 gallons.

b. All property Owners with secondary living structures (granny flats) shall ensure that only one address is registered with the US post office and/or displayed on the lot.

c. Prior to approval for any secondary structure (“granny flat”), owners must complete the Supplemental Deed Restriction Declaration and have such recorded upon the property deed with the County of El Dorado.



a. All fences that border Sun Ridge Ranch roads must be 10 feet from the road right of way. These 10 feet are measured back from the property corner monument which is located outside of the road right of way. The road right of way is 25 feet from the center of the road. It is from the corner monument that you must set back all fences 10 feet or a minimum of 35 feet from the center of the road. Road widths vary slightly within the community and therefore the edge of the road should not be used for determining setback. This setback only applies to that portion of your fence that fronts on Sun Ridge Ranch roads.

b. Any new fence, or change to a pre-existing or non-conforming fence must meet these fence guidelines. Walls such as rock walls must also be approved.

c. A perimeter fence is defined as any outermost fence that runs along or adjacent to a property line.

d. Perimeter road fencing shall comply with all the setbacks requirements as stated herein.

e. No fence shall be more than 5’ in height on the perimeter, unless approved by the ACC.

f. Any non-perimeter fence over 5’ must not be visible by adjacent neighbors or the roadside unless approved by the ACC.

g. Unless specifically waived by the ACC, all fencing within 10’ of the road must be the same design and material as the perimeter road fencing.

h. Acceptable material for fences: vinyl, wood, wrought iron or other material as approved by the ACC. Most legitimate fencing materials are acceptable if installed in an attractive manner (i.e. taut, straight, clean) and are substantial enough to contain livestock.

i. Unacceptable fencing materials: chain link or cyclone fencing, fencing over 5’ tall, any fencing material that completely obstructs the view.